Por quê eu não fiquei surpreso com isto…


43% Whimsy, 10% Ruthlessness, 57% Routine

Grumpy, sour, but generally respected as a man of dignity (by those who don’t know you well) or loved as a man of loyalty and compassion (by those who do), you, Elminster, are, without much debate, the most powerful mortal being in the Realms. Kingdoms, demon princes, and maid’s knees tremble at your approach, with your earth-shattering power, your centuries of wisdom and experience, and your dashing good looks. You’re also a fairly decent dancer. Despite a streak of independence leagues wide, you care for your duties as a Chosen with a passion and dedication that inspires all you meet. If Mystra, goddess of magic, decided to take a tenday off to visit one of the other worlds, you’d no doubt be happy (and able) to cover for her.

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